How does this work?

Our personalized coaching approach is designed to meet you where you are on your health journey. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce stress, manage or prevent a chronic condition, or simply feel better in your body, we’ll work with you to create a customized plan that fits your lifestyle and goals.

At Journey Health, we prioritize correcting nutritional deficiencies, removing toxins that you come in contact with during you daily life, and getting back to restorative sleep as the foundation of good health, and we offer expertise in the areas of supplements and medication as well. Our goal is to help you optimize your health from every angle, so that you can feel your best in your body and in your life. 

Our Five-Step
Approach to Wellness

We look at the whole you to figure out what the best road forward for your health is. Our clinical pharmacist will meet with you to discuss your current medications, and past medical history.

Then, or if you aren’t currently on medications, they will go over some baseline diagnostics with you to help determine where you are starting on your health journey. From there working with you the pharmacist will craft an individualized plan to address what is most important to you as well as any red flags first and set a course for the other health habits we can help you with.

If you are on medication or have health conditions we will then help make sure that all of your conditions are controlled properly. This may mean that your medications are increased in the short term while we work with you on your habits with the goal of reducing your medication. This is done to help reduce symptoms, address any side effects and provide the health guards in place while we help you build strong lifetime heath habits.

You will choose which path of habits to start with to help restore your health without the need of prescription and even once in place most supplement support. Use our interactive body diagram to learn more about the different paths. Each of these paths also addresses activity and food patterns, which is why they aren’t listed individually.


          • Gut Health
          • Hormone Health
          • Breathing Control
          • Sleep

Throughout your health journey we will continue to monitor your labs and health diagnostics to recommend when to start reducing your medication or the supplements that were recommended. Certain conditions will require longer term medication or supplement support, but overall you should see a reduction in pills, capsules and other compounds.

How often have we started a new habit of walking daily, drinking water or some other healthy habit for it to only fade a few weeks or even years later. Our relationship with you is ongoing and switches to more prevention focused by helping keep you accountable and on your path to health.

How Can We Help?

Improving your health is one of the best investments of time and energy you can make. 

We would be honored to help you improve how you are feeling. It is our goal to get you better as fast as possible without wasting money on bogus lab testing, excessive and unnecessary supplements or dietary restrictions.

Check out some of the ways we can specifically help you:

Group Lifestyle Classes

We offer group lifestyle classes. Our CDC Healthy Living Program uses the same concepts as our lifestyle coaching but presented in a group setting that allows the added benefit of learning how others adapt habit changes into their own life.  Join the community and find out where and when we meet here.

Current Group

Mondays at 6:00pm
Appleton Public Library

Next Group

Tuesdays at 4:00pm
Appleton Public Library

Personalized Care Pricing

Our no-nonsense pricing approach means you’ll never be surprised by an unexpected expense.Outside of our charges, we’ll also lay out how much it will cost for supplements and follow up lab costs, to ensure you can stay healthy within your budget.

Step 1

Free 15-minute Discovery Call
$ 0
  • The first step is to have a discussion and find out where you are at and how we can help.
  • We provide an in-depth history form and conduct an online Intake visit at your convenience.

Step 2

Personalized Care Plan
$ 695
  • Pharmacogenomic testing (determine what medications are right for you based on your unique DNA)
  • Omega 3 Plus and Vitamin D Testing
    Complete Medication Review
    Health Action Plan
  • Our goal is to get you on the right medication if necessary and create a road map for your health journey.

Step 3

Maintenance Plan

Rather than fee for service healthcare we see you as often as needed aligning your goals and ours to provide efficient effective health care for one small fee a month. Let us guide your journey to health!​

Other Services

Journey Health

Health Coaching

As-needed 20 minute health coaching session to help you achieve the small habit changes



Follow-up Pharmacist Visit

Follow up sessions to discuss therapy, benefits and any side effects



Wholesale Supplements

Any nutraceutical grade supplement recommended during a visit that is part of your care plan can be purchased at cost saving you money!


(Fish oil, Vit D3/K2, Multi, Magnesium)

$58/month saved

(Fish oil, Vit D3/K2, Multi, Magnesium)

Many patients save much more than this.

Wholesale Lab Testing

Any follow up labs ordered at cost. This includes Vitamin D, Omega 3, and micronutrient testing.


(Omega 3 Plus)


(Vitamin D)


(Omega 3 Plus)


(Vitamin D)

Total Value:

Over $632

Your Price:


Available Labs

Have a question?

Consult With Dr. Wayner

If you need to consult with Dr. Wayner about a health issue or any other concerns, you can fill out the form and he will contact you as soon as possible.

Heartburn, GERD, H. Pylori infection

Heartburn and related symptoms affect 20% of the American population! This excruciating problem, not only painful, can additionally cause disrupted sleep, dental issues, and stomach ulcers just to name a few. Treatment though is no better than the problem. All typical treatments try and mask the problem oftentimes blaming high acidity while in some cases it might even be too little acid that is causing the issue. Not only does masking the problem not solve it but the most common way to treat heartburn symptoms using Prilosec (generic omeprazole) and medications in the same class called proton pump inhibitors put you at risk for bone loss, lower immune function, chronic kidney disease and dementia. Even more insidious they trick your body into thinking you need them. You may have felt this rebound heartburn if you missed a day or two of medication. This requires a slow decrease of medication over time to help prevent the rebound heartburn. 

We can help you not only treat the symptoms but also the underlying issue that can cause your heartburn. In addition, we will provide you the expert guidance slowly tapering you off of your current medication to reduce unneeded discomfort.