Optimal Health is Within Your Reach at Journey Health!

Managing conditions like stress, fatigue, weight, and pain can be hard. Finding right medicine helps, but it’s not the end goal. It’s one step on your path to better health. Learn how to find the right medicine and other steps in your health Journey here at Journey Health.

The Journey Health Approach is Different.

We believe optimal health is within reach for everyone. Our mission is to achieve your health goals by offering support tailored to your unique needs. As a registered pharmacist and wellness expert, Dr. Kyle Wayner, PharmD, has the expertise to guide you on your path to better health.

Welcome to Our Full Body Approach

Holistic Approach

When tailoring your path, we look at the big picture. Medicine, of course, but also diet, exercise, and lifestyle. It’s all connected.

Precision Care

Through discussion and genetic/nutrient testing, we pinpoint each patient’s unique health needs. Everyone’s body is different.

Personalized Coaching

We help you define your health goals, then offer small habit changes that can have a big impact on your happiness and wellbeing.

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